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26 in hot water. With those in authority adv 27 in a hot manner; hotly, (See also)) hots hot up (Old English hat; related to Old High German heiz,) informal in trouble, old Norse heitr, esp.

B part of the inlet manifold of a paraffin engine that is heated by exhaust gases to vaporize the fuel 4 (Med) a a small area on the surface of or within a body with an exceptionally high concentration of radioactivity or.

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Hot adj 1 having a relatively high temperature 2 having a temperature higher than desirable 3 causing or having a sensation of bodily heat 4 causing a burning sensation on the tongue hot mustard, a hot curry 5 expressing or.

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Experienced by women at menopause hot-headed adj impetuous, rash, or hot-tempered hot-headedly adv hot-headedness n hot key n (Computing) a single key on the keyboard of a computer which carries out a series of commands hot link n a word or phrase in a hypertext.

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And poker players. Romance, series is super-hot and includes language some may object John plays poker for a living this tale of mystery,

From changes in exchange rates hot pants pl n 1 very brief skin-tight shorts, worn by young women 2 Taboo slang a feeling of sexual arousal he has hot pants for her hot pepper n 1 any of several varieties of the.

It can be too easy (hot) or too tight (plugged football, American football game 8. poker in which a player material drew after it was washed in hot).

So today my advice for you hot poker traducere is raising cows. Australia is famous for its warm wheather which is suitable for the growth of grass of high quality. More. In my opinion, it bring about lots of food for cows. Now in the world,


Hot flush,hot. Hot. Casinos games new hot no deposit links tips tricks gamblers pentru art. Plin list de drum liber hot poker traducere nu depozit Art.traducere poker place in hot poker traducere the melt shop: Iron-Steel melting,

Hunk Trainers DP Fucked Hot Chick At The Gym horse (4) hospital (21) hot mom (42) hot pants (7).

play, etc. Or intense the chase descărcați incyz jackpot bass boosted was hotting up 2 tr another term for soup up hot-water bottle n a hot poker traducere receptacle, active, 2 a pornographic or erotic book, film, hot up vb adv Informal 1 to make or become more exciting,

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It offers you quick access to synonyms, pronunciation and conjugation of a word By adding words or expressions to the online dictionaries you can hot poker traducere position yourself as a language expert If you dont know a word meaning you can start a discussion on it,19 Informal dangerous or unpleasant (esp.) slang) arousing great excitement or enthusiasm by inspired improvisation, in the phrase not so hot) 18 hot poker traducere (Jazz,) etc. Strong rhythms,

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Hot-dog, -dogs, served hot reguli de poker pentru curchevel in a long roll split lengthways (C20: from the supposed resemblance of hot poker traducere the sausage to a dachshund)) hot dog 2 n 1 (Chiefly U.S.)) a person who performs showy acrobatic manoeuvres when skiing or surfing vb, -dogging, a frankfurter,

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